Monday, September 27, 2010

[Music] Daikaiju - Daikaiju

The Beach. The penetrant smell of the ocean envelops you as you near the water. But hell, your love for the smell unmeasurable. Equipped with your surfboard, you walk closer to the water, watching fellow surfers ride the waves. It's a great sunny day with a nice ocean breeze to supply the shore with pretty waves. Finally arrived, you proceed into the water, paddling seawards, to catch the upcoming wave.
As you're cruising on the water, you feel there's something off. As the tides get higher, the ground starts trembling. Slowly out of the sea grows the figurine of a giant, turtle-like monster. You desperately try to get out of the water with your fellow surfers and, once back on the beach, stunned watching the monstrosity as it arises from the waters. Yelling loudly, it walks up the beach. as you take distance, you hear the shriek of something else. A huge lizard, or you could even call it a dragon, appears from the mountains. As the turtle monster noticed him, his attention diverted to the other monster, charging upon it. As you regain control, you watch these collossifight, with your mind trying to handle the awesomeness of the situation. Fuck yeah!

Daikaiju is a Huntsville, Alabama based surf rock band.Formed in 1999, the band produced two albums so far, with their self-titled album released in 2004 and the second one, Phase 2, released recently in september 2010. The band consists of 4 members, each hiding their identity with a mask and a nickname.

This album was a big suprise. As I started up the cd, the first track 'Daikaiju Die!' blasted me away in this rollercoaster ride. As the album continued, it kept going with this huge energy, while keeping the songs fresh with awesome riffs and drumrolls. As the tracks fly by, you end up at the last song, which is some kind of mix of surf and ska, also being three times longer then the average song on the album. This end of the ride is abit softer, but that doesn't make it less awesome. As you arrive at the end of the ride, you'll beg for one more go!

Friday, September 24, 2010

[Music] Kingston Wall - II

So I was roaming in the desert of the internet, lonely and all. Looking for something to keep me going, but only I see is mirages. Craving for something to quelch my thirst, I crawl around. But everything I try to touch turns into sand and air, just more of the same I've already seen. Blinded by the wind blown sand, I close my eyes hoping for the vision to clear up.
Once the wind settles down, I see something. Something existent, something real.  With all my strenght I try to pull me over there, not even realising where I was going. Once I arrived, I looked up, to see a town. Although the town was quite small, it was full of beautiful architecture. Full of hope, I looked around, I tried to find help, but I seemed all alone. Walking along the road, I ended up on a strange sight: at the other side of the town stood a field of half finished houses, stores, flats. It seemed this towns fate was a swift one. Going back to seek shelter in one of the houses, looking for something to keep me alive, I stumbled on delicious treats and drinks. Taking advantage of them, I wonder why this place is deserted. This has to be some sort of magic.

Kingston Wall is a psychedelic / progressive rock group from Finland. Founded in 1987, the band produced three albums named I, II and III. Due to the vocalist / guitarist committing suicide, the bad had an abrupt end in 1995. The band consists of three members, Petri Walli (Guitar / Lead Vocals), Jukka Jylli (Bass / Backing Vocals) and Sami Kuoppamäki (Percussion).

This album combines the band's prog-/psychrock with abit more folkish style. That doesn't mean that this album doesn't rock the shit out of you. With it's eastern feel all over the album, this band delivered some really kick-ass rock tunes like We Cannot Move, but also has beautiful mellow tracks like Istwan and Shine On Me. The brilliant guitar playing of Petri reminds me of Jimi Hendrix, but still feels unique. Backed up by the outstanding drumming of Sami and the work of bassist Jukka, you surely are in for a ride. The songs flow into each other really well, pulling you through a breathtaking trip through the east. A masterpiece, this is.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Za burogu

Welcome to my blog! I'll be posting here about stuff I stumbled on on the internet and the outside world. Wether it be music, games, silly pictures, drama or random mind farts, I'll post it from my point of 'view'.